Ex-UFC star Francis Ngannou maintains he won controversial boxing fight with Tyson Fury: ‘Definitely, I was robbed’

Francis Ngannou claims he was definitely robbed in boxing fight with Tyson Fury

Weeks on from his controversial professional boxing match with undisputed WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury last month, former undisputed UFC heavyweight kingpin, Francis Ngannou has claimed he was “robbed” by judges – as he dropped a hugely-controversial split decision defeat.

Ngannou, a former undisputed UFC heavyweight champion, headlined a Riyadh Season event in Saudi Arabia last month, suffering a hugely contentious split decision loss to the unbeaten, Fury – over the course of 10 rounds in the Middle East.

Turning in a valiant effort against the Morecambe native, Ngannou managed to shock the mixed martial arts and boxing communities alike – landing a massive knockdown in the third round courtesy of a left hook.

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Francis Ngannou claims he was “robbed” in Tyson Fury fight

Claiming in the immediate aftermath of his decision loss to Fury that if the Morecambe native were honest, he would admit he should have lost on the scorecards, Ngannou has further claimed he was “robbed” by the judges.

“Who am I gonna appeal to? I have no chance,” Francis Ngannou told Paper Route. “I think that’s just another way of humiliation.Definitely, I was robbed. “But, also I have an understanding that you can’t just walk in and disrupt a system like that. I think it was a very bad look for boxing, for everything – and there was a lot of business involved. So, some judged just sacrificed themself and take the hit, and save the face. But, they know that that was a dirty job. There wasn’t even a judging, they wasn’t even judging those fights. There was just like, ‘Okay, we’re not going to lose.’”

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“I think even if there was a knockout, they would have found a way to make me lost that fight – because I should have won that fight,” Francis Ngannou continued. “The guy give me elbow. He elbowed me and they didn’t even – yeah – and, the referee didn’t even say anything. If that elbow had hurt me? I’m sure they would have count that as a punch and give him a decision, right.” 

Despite his feelings toward his first bout with Fury – Batié knockout artist, Ngannou has staked his claim for a rematch with the incumbent WBC heavyweight champion as soon as next year. 

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