Former MMA Fighter Killed By Drunk Driver In Russia

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It’s been a terrible month in terms of the passing of MMA fighters in unnecessary car accidents.

Earlier this week, news broke that UFC veteran Rodrigo de Lima had been killed by an Uber driver after an altercation in Belem, Brazil. Uber correctly fired the driver as he remained a suspect at large in the heinous crime.

Unfortunately, another similar incident has taken place in Moscow. According to Bloody Elbow, former boxer and MMA fighter Bayli Kurbanmedov was killed in an accident with 19-year-old Nikolai Lyachenkov. Lyachenkov was allegedly drunk at the time of the accident and drove his Mercedes into Kurbanmedov’s car at alleged speeds of over 100 km/hr.

He also drove through a red light to do so with his girlfriend in the car. The accident was caught by nearby surveillance cameras (via Twitter):

Kurbanmedov had recently retired from fighting in order to join the Federal Penitentiary Service. Before the accident, he was out celebrating that new job with friends.

Lyachenkov is the grandson of the former Vice President of automobile company AvtoVAZ, Nikolai Lyachenkov. He refused a medical examination at the scene and was detained by police as a result.

Our hearts go out to Kurbanmedov’s family and friends in this trying time.

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