Floyd Mayweather Is ‘Probably’ Done With Exhibition Bouts

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather suggested that he is done with exhibition boxing bouts.

‘Money’ went the distance with YouTube star, Logan Paul on Showtime pay-pay-view last night. Despite trying his best the 44-year-old boxing legend was unable to finish the young novice inside eight rounds – due to the nature of the bout no winner was declared.

The fight represented Mayweather’s second exhibition since he retired from boxing with a perfect 50-0 record. He previously travelled to Japan to face kickboxing sensation, Tenshin Nasukawa, who he disposed of inside one round.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference last night Mayweather insisted his time as a professional boxer is done and we have perhaps seen him in the ring for the last time.

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“Oh absolutely not; I retired from the sport of boxing,” Mayweather told reporters following Sunday’s event. “I retired from the sport of boxing. I’ve said this before: It’s not easy, even for this fight. Just train a day and then take a couple of days off, train a day then take a couple of days off because of the age, because of the wear and tear of early on in my career. No punches to the head or anything, but just boxing and just sports period is really hard on the body, athletes, period. As far as me coming back to the sport of

boxing (professionally), absolutely not. As far as me doing an exhibition again, probably not.”

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Mayweather admitted age was a factor in his inability to take out Paul.

“Of course at my age I’m not going to perform like when I was 19,” Mayweather explained. “I’m not supposed to. Is my hair going to be all black forever? Of course not, it’s going to turn all gray. I understand that; it’s a part of life. I’m I going to be able to always fight like when I fought Diego Corrales or Arturo Gatti? Absolutely not, but I understand that.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

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