Five Possible Outcomes From Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez

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2016 has been a crazy year for fans of MMA. As always the UFC had the top shelf offering of all the major promotions, and they did so with a stream of high quality cards. At the zenith of the UFC’s pay-per-view draws this year were Conor McGregor and his rival Nate Diaz. UFC 196 and UFC 202 rankedĀ in the top three biggest cards in the promotion’s history. McGregor vs. Diaz 2 smashed the bar set by UFC 100 with a cool 1.6 million buys. Was it any surprise the UFC put McGregor in against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 200?

Following his string of successful cards, albeit one with a loss, the charismatic Irishman was injected in to the UFC’s New York debut without hesitance. One topic that’s been hotly debated ahead of UFC 205 is the potential effect on the direction of MMA moving forward. The apparent disrespect from the UFC towards Jose Aldo has led to the interim champion retiring, and the decision to put McGregor ahead of the killers row at 155 has alienated many top contenders.


McGregor vs. Alvarez

Looking like it could well be the biggest card of all-time, UFC 205 is pivotal for so many reasons. The fact McGregor will not be stripped of the 145-pound title to compete against Alvarez is another key factor in this debate. The Irish star will look to become the first ever champion to hold two UFC belts in different weight classes at the same time. After the big announcement of the UFC 205 card came the teaser of McGregor’s own ‘left field’ announcement.

UFC president Dana White said Conor had some ‘personal issues,’ and would make a big announcement out of ‘left field’ following UFC 205. This has led to massive speculation, one opinion being that McGregor’s girlfriend has fell pregnant. Another guess is that ‘The Notorious’ will retire, or maybe take a year off. With so much riding on this one historic bout in Madison Square Garden on November 12, check outĀ Five Possible Outcomes From Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez…


McGregor Defeats Alvarez, Retires

This future involves Conor McGregor winning the lightweight title,then calling it quits as a two-weight UFC champion. Complications aplenty would arise from ‘The Notorious’ riding off in to the sunset with two belts on his back. Obviously the issue of who fights for two vacated belts would be complicated enough, but in this outcome there’s the ‘McGregor shadow’ to consider.

‘The Notorious,’ although retired, would forever shadow the current crop of contenders in both divisions. This isn’t to say that both weight classes wouldn’t move on in time, but look at the scenario with Daniel Cormier right now. ‘DC’ may have lost in his bid against Jon Jones, but by no fault of his own was fighting for the vacant strap against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187. ‘Bones’ was stripped of the belt and has been pulled once again from the running due to a failed drug test. All this, and Cormier still receives criticism as champion. Imagine the impact on 155 and 145 if this were to be the outcome at UFC 205.

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