Five Dream MMA Fights for 2011

The end of the 2010 is now days away, and the MMA world was treated to some of the biggest and most exciting moments ever to be witnessed. We saw an emperor dethroned. We saw the baddest man on the planet turned into a fetus. We saw a spider catch prey in its web. We saw a demolition at the K1 World Grand Prix. We saw a Shogun slay a dragon. We saw a 209 edition of bully beat down,we saw a Canadian rock band not even come close to losing a round, and the extreme ascend to the ultimate.

With 2011 now in front of us there are many opportunities for us the fans to see more and even greater moments in the coming year. So many match ups so much intrigue the list is endless. But there are five fights that stand out to me that must happen this year.

1. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Alistair Overeem:

These two titans of Strikeforce and the heavyweight division having been starring at each other from across the yard ever since Fedor arrived in Strikeforce. Every fan has been asking for this fight, and yet Strikeforce has yet to give us what we want.

Alistar Overeem, 33-11-1, is undefeated as a HW in MMA, he is the Strikeforce heavyweight champion and he is coming off of winning the K1 World Grand Prix. With the physique of a god he cuts down to the 265 pound weight limit, and is the new breed of heavyweight.

Fedor Emelianenko 32-2-1 is regarded by many as the best HW,and P4P fighter in the world.  e is the WAMMA heavyweight champion, and won 31 fights with his only loss being from a cut stoppage before being submitted by Fabricio Werdum. Fedor has often been the non stereotypical fighter not being low on body fat, and cutting weight. Fedor usually finds himself on the smaller side of the heavyweight division, and has persevered for ten years.

This fight needs and will settle a lot of debate over the two fighters, and who really is the top dog in Strikeforce, and possibly the world. Both fighters need each other I believe. Fedor needs a credible opponent such as the Strikeforce heavyweight champion Overeem, to sustain him in the ranking, and to rebuild his faith from his fans. Alistair needs Fedor also to cement himself in the heavyweight ranking where he has yet to have enough credible opponents to give him the rep to match his body, and talents. They are both the perfect opponent for each other to get one get them on top of the MMA world.

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2. Georges St.Pierre vs. Anderson Silva:

We have very few super fight possibilities in the UFC that actually have a chance to happen. Georges St.Pierre vs. Anderson Silva is one of those fights that we have a chance to see between two once in a generation fighters. Fans have debated for quite some time now as to who would beat who and trying predict how this fight would play out between the two best fighters in the world.

Georges “Rush” St.Pierre 21-2 is the current and dominant UFC Welterweight Champion; he has only been KO and subbed once via Matt Serra, and Matt Hughes. No one else has been able to topple this mountain, and looks unbeatable at Welterweight.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva 27-4-1 in my eyes it the best fighter on the planet, and has won all 12 of his fights in the UFC.  Like GSP he is known for cleaning out his division, and has ventured up to 205 for more of a challenge in the form of former Light Heavyweight Champ Forest Griffin, as well as James Irvin. Silva is a Muay Thai specialist with surgically precise striking, and devastating KO’s. He also holds a black belt under Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

This fight needs to happen, fans have been demanding a challenge for GSP, and Silva is the top dog the next weight up, as well as in the P4P rankings. GSP says he wants to be the best at what he does, this is his chance as he has everything to gain and nothing to lose.  If GSP beats Silva he would be moved up higher on the P4P list then Silva since he is the smaller fighter, and he proved that he could be someone larger than him with his skill set. If Silva wins it doesn’t mean he is better P4P then GSP since he is fighting a smaller opponent, where he is the favorite in his weight class. Regardless this is the one true super fight between two fighters that just don’t lose at this point in their careers, one of these mountains has to move.

3. Jason Miller vs. Nick Diaz:

Probably Strikeforce’s most marketable fight and grudge match came about in April after the underdog Jake Shield defeated Dan Henderson. Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s untimely “where my rematch buddy” led to a network TV brawl involving all of Ceasar Gracie’s camp and their sisters it seemed, and one Jason “Mayhem” Miller . Ever since we have seen Mayhem calling out Diaz in various forms of media, and Diaz responding in a game of one upsman ship almost. With the fight not looking to come to fruition now, we can only hope they finally meet in 2011.

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Jason “Mayhem” Miller 24-7-1 has lost only once via KO, and submission, and his decision loses are to the likes of GSP, Chael Sonnen, Frank Trigg, Ronaldo Souza, and Jake Shields, some of the best competition out there.  He has also fought in various weight classes from welterweight all the way up to heavyweight. With 6 KO, and 14 submissions, Mayhem is always a game, and dangerous opponent.

Nick Diaz 23-7-1 is the current Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, and is considered to be one of the top welterweight in the world.  He holds 12 KO’s, and 7 submissions.  Nick is also in consideration in the top 10 P4P discussion.  He trains out of Cesear Gracie’s camp and is a proud product of Stockton California, which is where he attributes to where he got his attitude growing up.

This fight needs to happen real beef between fighters is rarely seen, not the usual manufactured trash talking.  These two plain just don’t like each other to be blunt about it.  More pressure is on Mayhem for this fight to happen as he usually uses his persona to talk himself into fights.  Whereas Diaz is the Welterweight champ, and really doesn’t need this fight he has challengers lined up.  For the national TV beat down, and all the trash talk, and calling each other out for months, and months, I don’t care as a fan I want this fight.

4. Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva II:

Anderson Silva makes this list twice because of his last title defense against Chael Sonnen where he was dominated for 23 minutes of this fight before pulling off a triangle forcing Chael to tap.

Chael Sonnen 25-11-1 is the uncrowned WEC Middleweight Champion, by beating Paul Fihlo but didn’t receive the belt because Fihlo failed to make weight. Sonnen joined the UFC for his second stint his first being at 205 after the WEC merged all of its weight classes above welterweight. Chael has an impressive resume of who he has beat, he also has a history of being submitted with 8 of his 11 losses being by submission.

This rematch is a must, Chael pretty much dominated the best fighter on the planet for most of all 5 rounds in the main event at UFC  117.  Victory was within reach when Anderson Silva slapped on a Triangle within the last 2 minutes forcing Chael to tap.  No one has ever handled Silva in the way that Chael did, and a repeat performance could follow with a win for Chael if he can avoid the submission.  Silva also claimed he was fighting with bruised ribs, so how much different will the rematch be with both athletes healthy. This is something the fans need to know.

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5. Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida:

The 205 division is often touted as the most competitive division in all of MMA. Where no one fighter can hold on the belt over an extended period of time due to the quality of the fighters.  Here we have two fighters who are on a collision. The rising Jon Jones vs.Lyoto  Machida who is top 4 in the 205 division.

Jon “Bones” Jones 12-1 here is one of the sports fastest and most dangerous rising stars in Jon “Bones” Jones who has finished almost everyone he has fought, and in dominant fashion in a way that we are not used to seeing when we see the opponents fight other guys.   Jones should be undefeated but was DQ for illegal elbow strikes to Matt Hamill at TUF 10 finale, and was unable to continue however the real reason was due to a separated shoulder from a being thrown by Jones earlier in the fight, not the illegal elbows to why he couldn’t continue.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida 16-2 at one point in the UFC was thought to be unhittable, at least with a power shot his style of sticking and moving, and attacking from the outside was a puzzle that no one was able to solve.  Mauricio Rua was the first to give Machida his first loss, and took the belt as a bonus.  Machida then went on to lose a decision Quinton Jackson, which I believe he won.  Regardless that still puts Machida in the top 4 of the 205 lb division.

This fight is more about Jones and his warpath through the 205 division.  He has left destruction inside the octagon every time he fights.  With Jones dominating his opponent in ways not seen before.  Can he dominate the most elusive fighter in MMA, and the former Light Heavyweight Champion Machida?  This fight will tell us if Machida can bounce back against a very dangerous, and unorthodox opponent much like himself, or is 2011 the year of Jon Jones.

This is my Wish list for 2011, and what I want to see the most, of course there are many just a great fights out there, and as fans we all win when fights like these are put on.  Let’s hope the UFC, and Strikeforce read this.

Cover Photo: Jaco