A video showing a martial arts coach beating up his students is currently circulating on social media. Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping shared the clip and denounced the man who is seen attacking children who appear to be a part of his class

“This is just utterly disgusting behavior from a so called martial arts instructor. Just a sad little bully,” Bisping wrote on Instagram.

Former cruiserweight boxing champion Tony Bellew was quick to respond to the video, he wrote.

“Please give me just a round with this prick in a boxing ring and he’ll never behave like this again the cowardice cunt!”

Featherweight prospect Bryce Mitchell was also keen to spend some time with the man.“Let me find this dude,” Mitchell wrote.

Former middleweight champion and long-time rival of Bisping, Chris Weidman was in agreement with ‘The Count’ on this disgraceful video and commented about being “so mad” about it.

The video originated from Instagram user mcdojolife who claims the man in the clip is an uncertified Wushu Kung-Fu instructor from Egypt. According to the user, the Egyptian Wushu Kung-Fu federation is aware of this clip and will not be taking any action against the so-called coach but will instead help him become certified.

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