Fabricio Werdum Focused On Being A ‘Company Guy’


In addition to many other fighters, former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum hasn’t always been quiet in regards to his displeasure with some aspects of how the promotion is run and because of this, his relationship with the UFC has gone through some rough patches.

More recently, however, “Via Cavalo” has appeared to have mended things with not only the promotion, but UFC President Dana White as well:

“I’m very happy to be in the UFC and with my fight purses too. I’m happy to be a company guy,” Werdum told MMAjunkie in a recent interview.

“Realistically, I have to be a company guy. It makes a difference – to fight and defend the company where you work.”

In addition to his focus on being a ‘company guy’, the Brazilian says that he’s learned more about the business of mixed martial arts by dealing with his issues such as why the UFC makes certain decision and why the promotion books certain fights:

“Without a doubt, the business side (of my MMA career) is very important. I feel like a company guy now. I understand the organization now,” Werdum said. “For example, Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier – I understand why they booked that. It’s something the fans welcome – two champions from two weight classes.”

As far as that fight goes, Miocic, the reigning heavyweight champion, will be defending his title against Cormier, the current 205-pound titleholder, in the main event of July 7’s UFC 226 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Werdum hopes to compete on that card as well:

“I’m looking forward to watching it or commentating. And if I can fight on the same card, I’ll do that too.”

Prior to that, however, he must remain focused on the task at hand, which involves him taking on Alexander Volkov in the main event of this weekend’s (March 17, 2018) UFC Fight Night 127 from London, England.