EXCLUSIVE | Michael Bisping Explains What Motivates Him In Retirement

Michael Bisping
Photo credit: Duke Loren

Michael Bisping has stayed super busy since retiring from MMA in 2017.

The former UFC middleweight champion hosts a successful podcast, commentates for MMA’s premier promotion, does some acting and now he’s set to take his one-man show on the road. Bisping along with his podcast co-host, Luis J Gomez, will visit several cities in the UK and Ireland later this year, and it something ‘The Count’ is super excited about.

“This kind of came about because of my podcast, ‘Believe You Me’,” Bisping told LowKickMMA. “So, me and my co-host, he’s a comedian. We always have a good laugh on that, and people wanted some live podcasts. We started doing a few of them out here in the States, and then somebody came to me with the idea, a friend of mine in Toronto, because I was up in Toronto a lot. He said, ‘we should do a one-man show up here.’ I did it with Luis kind of hosting if you will. We did it at this venue and it sold out and it was an absolute laugh. It was a riot. Everyone had a good time. I had a good time. I thought to myself, I’ve got to do this in England, obviously being English. Then the pandemic kicked in. So, I forgot all about it, but fortunately, some people with far better organization skills than myself got on board and they came and now we’ve put it all together.”

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“I’ll be on there,” Bisping added. “Luis will come out and he’ll do a stand-up set, warm up the crowd and I’ll come out to tell some stories, some anecdotes, some behind the scene stuff all about my fight career, inside the cage, outside the cage. You know, losing an eye, winning the belt, almost going blind, retiring. All kinds of sh*t.”

Bisping was very single-minded during his MMA career as he pursued the UFC belt. After achieving his destiny, the retired champ now seems to be moving in several different directions. So, we had to ask, what’s his next big goal in life?

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“There isn’t a goal as such,” Bisping replied. “I mean, the goal is always the same. It’s never ego driven. It’s just trying to take care of my family. You know what I mean? The world’s a hard place. It’s hard just to live your life these days. I want to be able to go to my grave knowing that I’ve set my children up.”

Do you like to see fighters such as Michael Bisping stay relevant despite retiring?

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