UFC bantamweight prospect Jack Shore is hoping he’ll be the man that will eventually convince the MMA leader to hold an event in Wales.

Shore is set to face Timur Valiev on March 19 on a show that is expected to take place in London. During a recent interview with LowKickMMA, the 26-year-old admitted fighting on an event in the English capital is as close to home he can hope for, at least for now.


“It’s the closest we’re going to get to a hometown fight at the minute is London,” Shore said. “We are a bit of a way from me being able to call for a Cardiff card.

Ultimately, Shore is confident that he’ll be able to convince Dana White and the UFC to make the trip to Wales, although he understands that there are a lot of obstacles to overcome before that can happen.

“I think at the minute there’s three of us from Wales in the UFC,” Shore said. “I’m in a position, at the minute, where I’m the closest to those rankings and fighting those big names and getting that chance to finally break through into the mainstream a little bit.

Jack Shore Wants To Follow In The Footsteps Of Conor McGregor & Michael Bisping

“It is obviously something I want to do,” Shore added. “At the minute, venue wise in Wales. We’ve got an indoor arena but it only seats like 8,000 and we’ve got The Millennium Stadium which seats 80,000. So we’re a bit at two ends of the scale at the minute. If they can knock us up a 20,000-seater, then I can start to get in Dana (White’s) and Sean (Shelby’s) ear.

“I’d love to just fight on a UFC card in Wales,” Shore concluded. “To be the guy that brought it to Wales like, how Conor (McGregor) brought it back to Dublin or how (Michael) Bisping took it to Manchester, would be insane. It would be a dream come true. Who knows what the future holds. That would be a dream of mine you know, never say never. It’s not too far away. It’s just a case of the right timing and things falling into place.”

Do you think Jack Shore is the man to drag the UFC to Wales?