Exclusive Interview: Mark Hominick Reflects on Jose Aldo Fight, Potential Return Match Against the ‘Korean Zombie’

Three weeks after his unsuccessful bid for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 129, Mark Hominick was in London, Ontario, supporting his Adrenaline Training Center teammate James Haourt at MMA Live 1. Our own Brian J. D’Souza caught up with the local hero to get his thoughts on his last fight and his immediate future. Some highlights…

On his performance against Jose Aldo: “[He’s] one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, and I wasn’t supposed to get out of the first round, and if there were 30 more seconds, I’d be wearing the belt right now. It was one of those fights that like, you go back to the drawing board and there’s a few things that could have changed, but I laid my heart out on the line, I laid it in the ring, I put everything into that fight and everybody who was there knows that, and everyone who watched the fight knows that…I almost had him finished in the fifth, and it’s just that the knockdown in the third kind of took the momentum I felt I was building, and kind of took the sail out until I had to come back in the fifth.”

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On Aldo’s punching power: “His hands are definitely harder that I thought. He’s very heavy-handed. The first uppercut he hit me with, I knew right away that I had to respect him. And I think that kind of hindered me from throwing a lot of combinations because I didn’t want to get mixing up, I wanted to score and get out, not trading punch for punch, because someone with punching power, that’s the fight they want.”

On Chan Sung Jung calling him out: “That’s a fight that I’d love to take…and I think that’s a fight that makes sense, because he’s just coming off a big win, I came off a loss, and we’re both up there, we’re both hungry, and I think another two fights and I’ll be deserving of a shot. But I just have to go out there and prove it, and that’s what I said three years ago when I started the winning streak I was on, it was like ‘there’s no more talk, I gotta go out there and prove it,’ and that’s what I gotta go back and do now. You have to win, you have to make impressive performances, and I have to go out and do that, not talk about it.”

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