Exclusive Interview: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Calls Nick Diaz a Bitch, Discusses ‘Bully Beatdown’ and Brock Lesnar

CagePotato’s West Coast Correspondent Ruben Vera recently got some time with Strikeforce/DREAM star Jason Miller, and if there’s one thing you should take away from this interview, it’s that BULLY BEATDOWN RETURNS NOVEMBER 4TH!!! Okay, now that the shameless plug is out of the way, we can get down to business. Mayhem is rather upset that Nick Diaz has the gall to talk shit and throw water bottles at him backstage after Strikeforce events, but won’t step up to fight him in front of a paying audience. He also runs down his DREAM.16 fight against Kazushi Sakuraba, his recent trip to Brazil, bringing MMA to a new audience with Bully Beatdown, and UFC 121‘s marquee matchups. Some highlights…

On Nick Diaz: “Man, this guy’s a paper champion, get out of here with this. What the hell? So he beat up a 155-pound KJ Noons, and ‘ohhh, you gotta come down to 170, bro.’ Get out of here! Like, okay, what exactly does that mean? The only fight anyone wants to see is me and Nick Diaz. Outside of the UFC, that’s the only fight that people are talking about, here in America. I’m sorry, that’s how it is. You broke it off, you jumped me. You did it, you asked for it, you talked about, for years, guys with painted hair who bark at themselves. Who are you talking about? You didn’t call out names. I’m calling out names! Nick Diaz is a bitch…he wants it, but he doesn’t. ‘Oh, come to my gym and fight me.’ Come to your gym and fight you? Really? That’s what you’re saying now? Get out of here, man. Step in the cage and fight me, you know? It’s ridiculous.”

On Kazushi Sakuraba:
 “He’s an old man, but at the same time, that’s my hero, so when they said to fight him I said ‘okay, I’ll fight him.’ It was cool, it was like surreal. It was like magical to be standing there across from him and hear his name. I was like ‘damn, I’m really doing this right now’…It was magic. I was happy to have that happen.”

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On Jake Shields: “[Martin] Kampmann did a good job, the best he could, but it’s hard when you got the blanket on you. That guy is good at what he does…he did the same thing to Henderson, that’s what he’s good at…I don’t know how you feel if after every win you get booed. I would feel bad. I think he’s good enough to go for submissions and really try to finish the fight, but he’d rather not. I think he just wants the win.”

On Brock Lesnar: “[Lesnar vs. Velasquez] was the best fight ever…Brock Lesnar puts on good fights. Win or lose, he puts on a good fight. That’s something to be said, you know what I mean? And regardless of whether you love him or hate him or whatever, you gotta respect that he puts on a damn good fight. I knew Cain had the tools to beat him up, and it was awesome to watch it happen, but now that I realize that Brock Lesnar puts on awesome fights, it makes me want to see Brock Lesnar fight again.”