EXCLUSIVE | Ian Garry Won’t Rush Through UFC Ranks: ‘I’m Going To Take My Time’

Ian Garry
Dolly Clew

Ian Garry is very aware that he has plenty of time to achieve his goals in the UFC.

The 23-year-old prospect will make his debut at UFC 268 against Jordan Williams. All being well he’d love to get another fight in before the end of the year but such is his maturity ‘The Future’ says he will probably do the smart thing and sit out until the first quarter of 2022.

“Look, depending on how fast this fight finishes we’ll see what’s up,” Garry told LowKickMMA. “You know that December 11th card (UFC 269) looks pretty tasty. So, maybe we could do a quick one at that but in reality and being smart I think the best decision is to probably wait until March 2022.”

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Despite his young age, Garry is very aware of just how blessed he is to be living the life of his dreams and his immediate goal is to keep things exactly as they are.

“I just want to maintain adventure, freedom and happiness in life,” Garry said. “I’m very blessed to be fighting for the UFC and living out the dream that I’ve dreamed of. In the sense of, I get to fight for a living, and I get to bring enjoyment to my friends and family and have them be proud of me because I’m on an amazing journey that not many people are blessed to be on.

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There’s no doubt Garry is gunning for UFC gold. However, the Dublin native insists he will not rush towards the welterweight rankings or a title shot. The seven-fight professional says his undefeated record means too much to him and he will do everything in his power to protect it while he learns his craft on the sport’s biggest stage.

“The only thing I want to do is improve, get better and enjoy life. For me, undefeated is a massive thing for me,” Garry said. “(I want to) remain undefeated, knock people out, put on statements. I don’t care if it takes me four years, five, six, seven, eight years to get to that title.

“I’m very young, man. I’m 23. There’s not a lot of 23-year-olds in the UFC that are undefeated that have the potential and hype that I do,” Garry added. “I’m going to take my time. I’m not going to milk this cow dry. I’m going to take my time and enjoy every second of it because I’m going to be a UFC champion. If I rush this then the longevity might not be there but If I take my time the skillset gets better, the confidence gets better, I become more mature, I become more of a businessman. I can see how everything works. I get used to the UFC structure. I get used to everything and I just become unbeatable.”

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