Ex-UFC champion calls out Sean Strickland for ducking $1 million sparring challenge with Jake Paul

Sean Strickland

Tyron Woodley is calling bullsh*t on Sean Strickland’s claim that the UFC blocked him from accepting Jake Paul’s million-dollar sparring challenge.

After footage emerged online of the former middleweight champion pummeling popular Rumble streamer Sneako in an early morning sparring session ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, ‘The Problem Child’ issued a challenge to Strickland, offering him $1 million if he flies out to Puerto Rico for a session of their own.

“I’ll fly you to PR and we can fight on camera… if you win I’ll give you $1 million,” Paul wrote on X.

Strickland responded with a quasi-death threat online before claiming that Hunter Campbell — the UFC’s chief business officer — blocked him from accepting the offer.

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However, ex-welterweight champ and two-time Jake Paul opponent Tyron Woodley is calling cap, claiming that the UFC can’t legally prevent Strickland from sparring with the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

‘’Why the f*ck you asked Hunter? You asked your daddy if you can fight,” Woodley said on YouTube. “You don’t have to ask nobody if you can fight. That just sounds like a hater move off the top. When you hear that … when you gotta smash somebody down before they give you the reason why they can’t fight, you already can hear it’s a hater move. Let me break some stuff down to you legally. Legally, they cannot stop him from sparring Jake Paul.”

“Jake Paul said he wanted to spar him the same way Sneako walked into the cage,” Woodley continued. “I want you to know [Sneako] had to walk through security, he had to be signed in on the list. I know that, that’s the APEX. They let him come in there. He can spar with anyone he wants to. Jake Paul didn’t say, come and meet me in f*cking arena or come and meet me in a sanctioned fight. He said come to my gym. Nobody can stop him from doing that” (h/t MMA Mania).

While it is true that the UFC can’t legally prevent Strickland from sparring with anyone willing to sign a waiver, the complication likely comes from the $1 million offer.

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