Before his fight on July 16th at UFC on ABC 3, Dwight Grant stopped by to spend some time with LowKick MMA, where he talked about his first meeting and sparring session with Sean Strickland, who of course, had something wacky to say.

‘The Body Snatcher’ also talked about his upcoming fight against Dustin Stoltzfus, where he’ll look to end a two-fight skid and get back into the win column. Detailing his first meeting with Strickland, Dwight Grant also described that when they first met, he had no idea that the top-ranked middleweight was a UFC fighter.

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Dwight Grant Describes Meeting and Sparring Sean Strickland

“The thing about it is,” Dwight Grant began. “I didn’t know that he was like a high-level guy in the UFC before I trained with him. I met up with this dude and we were going to spar, and he was like: ‘Just so you know, we’re going to give each other brain damage today,’ and I was like, ‘Ok, this sounds like fun.’ And he was like, ‘Are you cool with that?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah man, let’s go.'”

“I like sparring… If you’re telling me ahead of time we’re gonna spar hard, I’m fine with everything,” Dwight Grant continued. “I don’t like when people are like ‘Hey man, let’s go light,’ and then all of a sudden the fight is crazy. It’s like, hey man, what you doing?”

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“So, the fact that he just met me, didn’t know me, and was off the bat like: ‘Hey, this is gonna be crazy just so you know,’ was perfect. We had great sparring sessions… It was cool, I would definitely train with him again,” Grant concluded.

‘The Body Snatcher’ would go on to add that Sean Strickland may be a bit misunderstood, as well. “I think a lot of the other stuff people get into with him, is just based on how people react to him. They probably think about stuff ahead of time, and base that pre-judgment on how he’s gonna be. I didn’t have any because I didn’t know who he was at the time. I was like, ‘this guy’s been straight up and honest with me, so we’re gonna have a good training (session).'”

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Check out the full interview below for more!

Do you think sparring too hard might have contributed to Sean Stricklands UFC 276 knockout loss?