Quote: Brock Lesnar Should Be Allowed To Do Steroids

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Don Frye

The return of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has the mixed martial arts community on the edge of their seats. Whether you love or hate the brash character who once help smash the pay-per-view records at UFC 100, you have to admit you’ll likely be tuning in to watch his comeback.

For Don Frye though, it’s more of a case of paying the price to see Lesnar get a beating:

“Oh my god….. why? Why – since Mark Hunt is going to destroy him. So it’s going to be such a fun fight to watch Mark kick his head off. So I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh Mark’s an animal. Yeah he’s an animal. I mean, god damn, he’s one of the better fighters walking the planet. You know and he’s got the strength and the speed and the skill, and shit, he’s like ten-foot-tall and bullet proof.”


Although he’s clearly no fan of Lesnar’s, Frye says the wrestler’s exemption from the standard four month USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) rule isn’t as bad as people are making out.

You know what, I think the whole drug testing thing is a bunch of bullshit. I really do. I mean, come on. He’s doing something productive, he’s making money for the country, for himself. Criminy, when you got people on welfare and doing more drugs than the country can produce and they get a free ride, why are we punishing people who are productive citizens? Criminy, if he wants to do drugs, that’s his damn business. As long as he’s putting money into the country.”

Don Frye there with his desert-dry wit and moustache of ultimate manliness.

Here’s the full video segment:

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