Dominick Reyes hopes the UFC keeps Jon Jones on the roster – if only so he gets another chance to fight him.

Jones’ fighting future remains in question after yet more legal troubles. The former UFC light heavyweight champion was arrested last month on charges of domestic violence and felony tampering with a vehicle. This of course came after his infamous 2015 hit-and-run conviction, and an arrest in March 2020 for driving under the influence and negligent use of a firearm.

Reyes – the last man to face Jones in the octagon – gave his thoughts on the recent arrest in an interview with Fanatics View. The former title challenger said that while he believes Jones deserves to face stiff punishment for his latest infraction, there’s also apart of him that wants to inflict his own form of justice inside the cage (h/t MMA Junkie).

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“It’s not a good look for anyone involved, whether it’s the organization, whether it’s Jon, or whether it’s his family,” Reyes said. “No matter what, it’s all bad. This isn’t his first offense, but that’s up to the organization to decide. Me personally, I have a little ‘keep this guy around so I can beat him up again’ kind of thing. Overall, not a lot of words on it, man. It’s just not a good look. Being one of the greatest of all time and doing all that, man, get over it. That chip on your shoulder, whatever it is, just get over it, man. You’re one of the best fighters in the world. I don’t understand why.”

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“It’s terrible that it’s a domestic situation and his kids were there and they saw,” Reyes added. “That’s the worst part about the whole thing. The guy needs help. He’s got serious, serious s–t going on.”

Reyes and Jones met in the main event of UFC 247. It was a closely fought, back-and-forth fight – one that many thought Reyes deserved to win. However, the judges disagreed, handing the decision to Jones. Given the controversial outcome and a lack of new challengers for the light heavyweight crown, there was a belief that Reyes could get an immediate rematch. That was not to be, as Jones instead relinquished his title in favor of moving up to the heavyweight division.

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With Reyes’ recent struggles and Jones changing divisions, it’s hard to picture a scenario where ‘The Devastator’ gets his wish. However, Reyes remains optimistic and isn’t ruling out the possibility.

“Well, as my body changes and adapts, I’ll gain more weight and become a bigger person overall,” Reyes said. “Maybe I will end up in the heavyweight division by the end of this whole thing. But right now, I’m a light heavyweight. He was talking about going back to light heavyweight. I don’t know, man.”

Do you think we’ll ever see Dominick Reyes fight Jon Jones again?