Dillon Danis Rips Into Tyron Woodley Concert

Dillon Danis claims

Dillon Danis has been trash-talking seemingly everyone in the UFC.

Now, he has turned his attention to former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, poking fun at those who attended his recent concert, noting everyone who did has hit “rock bottom.””

“you know you hit rock bottom when you go to a @TWooodley concert,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tyron Woodley, of course, has released several songs and has spent time on his music career. He has recorded songs with Wiz Khalifa and others. Yet, Danis is still not impressed with his music.

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But, this could very well be Danis just being himself. He trash talks seemingly everyone. He has taken shots at the likes of Ben Askren, Jon Jones, and even YouTube stars in Logan and Jake Paul.

Many fighters have responded to him, even Jones after Dillon Danis said he offered to do a grappling match with him.

“I offered to do a grappling match with him,” Danis said on an episode Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “If we fought in MMA, I feel like, from his stance and how tall he is, if I did an Imanari roll I would take his leg home with me.

“Why not? I come from jiu-jitsu where we fight the biggest guys,” he added when asked why he believed he could overcome the size disadvantage. “I’ve fought guys that are like 300 pounds in jiujitsu. You have to do it. I fought seven of them in the same day. So I don’t know man, I’m a different kind of martial artist. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, training with anybody and anywhere.”

Jones then responded with the following:

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“Dude, nothing is going on with Dillon Danis,” Jones said. “I think he knows I’m the type of guy to respond and it’s getting his following up. So, I think that’s what’s going on with him. At the end of the day, I don’t come out and talk trash about these guys. That just came out of nowhere. I feel like I’ve been in this sport for over 10 years now, some guys just like to bring up my name because it looks cool.”

“I wouldn’t grapple him but I’d put my foot in his mouth,” he later added.

What do you make of Dillon Danis’ attending a Tyron Woodley concert?