Diego Sanchez: I’ll Make Conor McGregor Give Up

conor mcgregor vs diego Sanchez
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Conor McGregor vs Diego Sanchez at featherweight? “The Nightmare” is still keen…..

UFC featherweight standout Conor McGregor is not known for mincing his words, and thus has formed a busy queue of contenders hoping to get in the octagon with him. One such hopeful opponent is UFC lightweight and nine-year promotional veteran Diego Sanchez. “The Nightmare” and “The Notorious” have exchanged many barbs in the past, and it doesn’t look like they are done yet.

After offering to fight Sanchez at welterweight, McGregor was accused of being the Muhammed Ali of Ireland, and UFC president Dana White was none-too keen on the idea either. Speaking with MMAFighting.com, Sanchez went on another rant about the outspoken Irish featherweight, as transcribed by MMAMania:

“For me, if there is one fight I could have, it’s Conor McGregor. Ill go fight him in Ireland. He wants to fight in a football stadium? I’ll fight him in a football stadium. When he jumped into the spot, he started barking up the wrong dog’s alley. I’m one of the guys who laid the bricks for this great career that he is having. I was one of the ones that created the expansion for the sport. I helped build the foundation on this big building, and the guy is just disrespectful. He doesn’t respect that, and he doesn’t respect any of the other fighters in his division that have paid dues. For me, being confident, that’s cool.”

“He is a great mixed martial artist. I study the guy. He is very intelligent, he has a smart mind for the fight and he knows how to study fighters. He’s athletic, strong and he hits hard; a good fighter. But there is a respect factor. You got to have respect. From the beginning, that bothered me. No one stood up to him, so I stood up to him. I just told him not to talk crap about the guys that paid their dues, so he fires back at me that I’m fat and pathetic, I’l beat you in one round. So, I’m like, what’s up then, bro?”

Although it’s always good to hear a ‘what’s up bro’, Or even a let me bang, broI can’t help but feel like this isn’t a fight that Sanchez wants. Yes it would sell due to the beef the two have, but you just get the sense that Sanchez, arguably 1-4 in his last 5, is trying to keep relevant by calling out the UFC’s new star. That being said, check out what “The Nightmare” then said:

“Look, this guy is really good, he has a good hype train, done some awesome things in his four fights in UFC and now he’s looking for a title shot. This guy could probably beat 95-percent of the fighters in his division. The ones that will give him a tough fight are Cub, Frankie, and Aldo. Mendes and Bermudez, too. He’s a big guy and hits hard at 145.”

“He can beat 95-percent of those guys, but he can’t beat me, I know that in my heart. Styles make fights and I am 100-percent confident that I will finish this guy within five rounds, make him give up. But the thing is, I like this guy. He gets under my skin in a positive, motivating way. I see how he evolves, his kicks and how he works hard and the way he likes to believe in himself. It has sparked this motivation and inspiration inside of myself. That’s why I fight, the passion.”

There was a time when Sanchez was an undefeated (17-0) genuine UFC prospect, but recent times have seen him drop multiple fights. You could argue that he hasn’t been the same ever since BJ Penn took his soul at UFC 107. Conor McGregor vs Diego Sanchez could be a very dangerous fight, at whatever weight.

What do you think, is there any material in Sanzhez calling out McGregor, or is it all filler?