Video – Ex-UFC standout Diego Brandao brawls on top of cage in Bizzare post-Fight Incident

Diego Brandao

A featured contest between 18-year veteran Diego Brandao and Mohammad Heibati under the Hardcore Fighting Championship was quickly overshadowed by an awkward post-fight brawl on top of the cage.

Following a three-round scrap that Diego Brandao appeared to win handily, the Brazilian lept onto the cage to celebrate his victory. Seconds later, Heibati attempted to join Brandao on top of the cage, possibly attempting to steal some of the spotlight. Brandao didn’t appreciate the gesture and attempted to push Heibati off the cage. That prompted Heibati to fire a few punches at Brandao while still hanging onto the cage.

Brandao fired a few shots back before the referee stepped in and separated the two.

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Diego Brandao’s Awkward Exchange was far from over

Heibati was far from done with his temper tantrum. After being denied access to Brandao’s side of the cage wall, he snatched a title belt away from an official and then climbed onto the opposite side of the cage.

Heibati continued to linger around the cage during Brandao’s post-fight interview whilst waiting for his opportunity to talk. Following a lengthy conversation with the in-case announcer, Heibati left, then came back, and asked for a rematch. Once Brandao exited the cage, Heibati began arguing with another person before finally making his way to the back a whole 15 minutes following the conclusion of his fight.

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Diego Brandao competed under the UFC banner between 2011 and 2016 amassing a 6-4 record. He is 8-10 since returning to the regional scene and is 28-21 overall.