Derrick Lewis Explains Why He Was Happy Travis Browne KO Was Stopped Late

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Derrick Lewis didn’t hide the fact that he believed Travis Browne was a domestic abuser, and he apparently doesn’t want to let go of those beliefs even after he knocked Browne out (highlights here) in the main event of last night’s (Sun., Feb. 19, 2017) UFC Fight Night 105 from Halifax.

“The Black Beast” appeared to be in trouble early on, with Browne nailing him with a series of searing body kicks that looked to have him hurt. But Lewis persevered and rocked Browne with some big power punches, felling the Hawaiian “Hapa” and unleashing a torrent of vicious ground and pound that most onlookers felt referee Mario Yamasaki could’ve stopped much, much earlier than he did.

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If you ask Lewis, however, he isn’t mad about it; not at all in fact. During the card’s post-fight press conference, Lewis detailed how he ‘appreciated’ Yamasaki letting the fight go on longer than should have been allowed (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I appreciate it. Where Yamasaki at? I appreciate it, I appreciated him letting the fight go a little longer than what it should. I just wanted to get my anger out on Travis’ face because he likes to hit on women. So I appreciate him for doing that. I keep it real.”

Browne was cleared of the domestic violence accusations levied at him by his ex-wife Jenna Renee Webb, and no formal charges were filed, yet Lewis wasn’t buying it. Lewis wasn’t buying it, however, and he now has a solid bit of gratitude towards Yamasaki for letting – even perhaps unintentionally – pound out some of that frustration on his knocked out face.

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If you add that colorful quote to Lewis bringing up Ronda Rousey’s ‘fine ass’ and saying his stomach only hurt because he had to use the restroom in his post-fight interview, it was quite the momentous night for “The Black Beast,” and it came in a style that only the Houston-based slugger could conjure up.

And we should be seeing more of that, as Lewis and his six-fight win streak probably bring more momentum than anyone not named Francis Ngannou to the aging UFC heavyweight division. Who will Lewis fight next?

No matter who it is, fans will be tuning in just to see what “The Black Beast” comes up with next.