Next up on the UFC Vegas 5 is the middleweight headliner between Edmen Shahbazyan and Derek Brunson.

Round 1: Brunson starts off with a jab to the body. Brunson sees his head kick blocked while blocking a body shot from Shahbazyan. Shahbazyan lands a right hand before adding on with a body shot. Shahbazyan lands a nice right hand as Brunson attempts a body kick. Brunson lands some strikes and takes Shahbazyan down. Shahbazyan gets up but receives a big elbow as they separate. Shahbazyan starts to unload more as Brunson is on the defensive now. Shahbazyan lands a body shot. Shahbazyan lands a knee to the head but slips as Brunson applies the body lock and has him clinched up against the fence. They separate. Shahbazyan ends the round on top.

Round 2: Brunson lands a leg kick. Shahbazyan lands a huge body kick. Brunson returns his own. Brunson grabs a leg and eventually gets Shahbazyan down but the latter gets up quick. They clinch up before separating. The action is stopped as Shahbazyan receives an eye poke. The fight resumes and Shahbazyan lands a big body kick and starts to go on the offensive. Now it’s Brunson on the offensive as Shahbazyan is up against the fence. Brunson lands a knee to the head but Shahbazyan eats it. Shahbazyan looks a little gassed as he is slowing down considerably. Brunson gets him down and is in side control. Brunson transitions to full mount and lands brutal ground and pound. Shahbazyan survives but receives a number of elbows and punches. It looks like he is out towards the end but the Shahbazyan makes it until the end.

Round 3: Brunson lands a left and takes Shahbazyan down again but Dean calls an end to the fight soon after.

Official result: Derek Brunson defeats Edmen Shahbazyan via TKO (R3, 0:26).