Darren Till Clears Up Rumors About Arrest, Believes He Was ‘Exploited’

Darren Till
Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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Former UFC welterweight title challenger Darren Till has further clarified all the rumors about his arrest in Spain earlier this year.

Following his knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal, Till took a long hiatus from social media. Then it was revealed in April that he was arrested in Tenerife, Spain, for not only reportedly trashing a hotel, but stealing a taxi as well along with his friends. He was later ordered to pay multiple fines.

However, the Liverpool native maintains he never stole the taxi in the first place:

“No I didn’t [steal a taxi],” Till said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “…It’s got to the point now where everyone just thinks I robbed the taxi so when people ask me, I just say, ‘I robbed it’ but I didn’t.

…I’m a very well known fighter but you know, you got to go about certain things in certain ways. I do have to be more responsible. I’m still getting used to the fact that wherever I go on planet Earth, I’m known by people and that’s quite scary.

Till claims he didn’t do much at all while he was in the Canary Islands. Rather, he was simply being exploited for who he was.

“As I said Ariel, sh*t happens,” he added. “It’s ups and downs. Spending them four days in them cells was no fun. Yes, I was arrested. …I had to pay a 15,000 pound fine. …[I did] f*ckall, really, Ariel.

In the hotel, there were a few fire distinguishers let off. There was a little bit of damage and they decided that was the fine. It wasn’t no way a 15,000 fine but I think they wanted to exploit me a little bit.”

As for his next fight, Till is waiting on an offer from the UFC. However, he is still unsure which weight class he will be competing in next.

What do you think of Till’s arrest in Spain?

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