Stipe Miocic Batters Daniel Cormier – UFC 241 Results


In the main event of UFC 241, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier puts his title on the line against Stipe Miocic.

Round 1:

Leg kick from Miocic to start things off as he circles around the Octagon. Cormier responds with one of his own. Another nice leg kick from “DC.” More leg kick exchanges. A nice jab and uppercut in the clinch lands for Cormier. Another pair of bangers connect for Cormier. Big shots from Cormier continues to land, and Miocic is lifted into the air and taken down.

Cormier into half guard now. Nice ground-and-pound for Cormier. Miocic gets a nice upkick, enters a scramble, but can’t quite get up. Big hammer fists from “DC.” Miocic gets up and the round is up.

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Round 2:

Miocic lands a nice jab to start the round. Miocic with a knee to the body, and follows up with a kick. Miocic landing some nice shots now, but Cormier fires back with some nice shots. Cormier is putting together some nice combinations. Miocic connects on a nice right hand. Another big right-hand lands for Cormier. Another big combination connects for Cormier but Miocic is putting together some shots now.

Big shots being exchanged from both men. Cormier punches his way into a clinch. Miocic with dominant position and he separates to land a couple of nice combinations. Cormier connects with a big shot, and follows up with another. Very big shots landing from both men now. Cormier is connecting now, and Miocic looks wobbly. Cormier rocks Miocic now, but he’s still up. Kick to the body lands for Miocic. The round comes to an end.

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Round 3:

Miocic connects with a hard combination. Miocic fails on a takedown attempt. Cormier is landing a nice jab but eats a right hand. A nice uppercut lands for Miocic inside the clinch against the cage. A spinning elbow just misses for Miocic to separate the clinch. Cormier lands a hard kick to the body.

Miocic with a nice combination now, but Cormier connects with an overhand. Miocic gets a takedown but Cormier is right back up. Cormier backs Miocic against the cage. A nice combination lands for Cormier that rocks Miocic. Cormier starts to pour it on but Miocic is firing back now. The round comes to an end.

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Round 4:

Big jumping combination from Cormier to start the round. A nice left hook to the body connects for Miocic, and he lands it again. Another nice left hook connects to the body for Miocic. The body shots continue to connect for Miocic nicely. Cormier finally fires back with a hook Miocic’s consistent body shot is setting up all sorts of things. Miocic stuns Cormier, and puts him away in the corner. That’s it.

Official Result: Stipe Miocic def. Daniel Cormier via R4 TKO (punches, )