Daniel Cormier Reveals The Real Reason Why He Cried After UFC 214


Daniel Cormier has revealed the real reason he cried after losing at UFC 214.

You know the picture. It has been memed a million times and has been shared all over the internet. On July 29, 2017, at UFC 214, Cormier rematched Jon Jones in a grudge match. Unfortunately, he would get knocked out in the third round after eating a high kick.

After the fight, long-time commentator Joe Rogan interviewed Cormier in the octagon, and the meme was born. Cormier was in tears and said, “I don’t know, man. I thought the fight was going well; I don’t even know what happened…It’s so disappointing. I guess if you win both fights, there is no rivalry, so I don’t know.”

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While there are probably several reasons why Cormier cried that night that definitely include him losing to a man that he severely dislikes, he revealed the real reason why he cried on his show DC and RC on Tuesday.

“People talk about me crying after Jon Jones beat me. You know what, I lost, but you know what made me cry after the fight? Bob Cook walked up to me and goes ‘that wasn’t the guy I’ve been training for the three months. I’m very disappointed.’ So, I was disappointed, and I started to cry,” Cormier said.

The memory was brought back up because of the Aspen Ladd and her coach Jim West controversy from this past weekend at UFC Vegas 40.

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West was heavily criticized for his ‘harsh’ cornering advice in Ladd’s main event fight against Norma Dumont.

Cormier disagreed with the media and fans that thought West was overly harsh, saying that we see it all the time with his coaches as well as Fortis MMA’s head coach Sayif Saud and Glory MMA’s James Krause.

What do you think of coaches screaming at their fighters?