UFC star Daniel Cormier quits NCAA wrestling commentary gig amid fan backlash: ‘Guys, I’m out’

Daniel Cormier set to quit NCAA commentary gig amid backlash from fans Guys I'm out

After being ridiculed online for his NCAA wrestling commentary, Daniel Cormier has decided to hang up the gloves and says he will not be returning in the future to commentate.

A decorated wrestler and former UFC double champion, one would expect Cormier to be a perfect fit as an NCAA wrestling commentator. However, many fans blasted ‘DC’ online for his performance on the mic, and this, combined with other factors, would seemingly be the breaking point for the former double champ.

Daniel Cormier hits out at Nate Diaz over UFC 306 return feud we're not in the same stratosphere
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“DC is painful,” one wrestling fan wrote on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter. “He has no professionalism on the mic to the point of it being ridiculous.”

Cormier would eventually respond, with not one, but two posts. “You guys have it.” he began. “I am out sorry to ruin your experience! You know I don’t ask to do this. Very important people ask me to do it. Anyhow carry on, my friend, I am out. Back to the minor leagues for me.”

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Daniel Cormier Resigns from his NCAA Wrestling Commentary Gig on X, After Being Bashed by Fans

“Guys, I’m out,” Cormier continued. “This will be my last time doing the NCAA tournament. Continue to do things the same way and stay wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s. I told the general public to watch, (and) a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish tonight, and I’m out!”

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Another fan chimed in that Daniel Cormier also receives a lot of hate due to his UFC commentary, and he had a slightly different retort, stating that he gets paid a lot to do what he does for the UFC.

A Brief Look at Another Commentator who recently Came under fire

MMA fans seem to never fail to find a commentator to criticize. After the UFC event last Saturday, on March 23rd, a female commentator named Laura Sanko was criticized by a former MMA fighter named Jamie Varner. Varner claimed that Sanko had no idea what she was talking about, as she was never a fighter and needed to “stay in her lane”. However, he ended up making himself look very foolish, as Sanko had not only actually trained before, but she had also fought on the same fight card as Varner back in 2011 for Titan FC.

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Jamie Varner Laura Sanko UFC on ESPN 53 tweet 1

Jamie Varner Laura Sanko UFC on ESPN 53 tweet 2

Unlike the Daniel Cormier situation, fans came to Sanko’s aid and defended her honor, blasting Varner for his lackluster career and ignorant comments. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is nothing new for Varner. He last gained notoriety for launching a tirade on Twitter after the Super Bowl, claiming that the NFL was rigged.

Do you think some of the hate that commentators like Daniel Cormier and Laura Sanko receive is unfair?