Daniel Cormier Laughs Off Tito Ortiz’s Claims About Jon Jones

Ortiz Jones Cormier
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UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier found humor in Tito Ortiz’s recent statements.

In a recent interview, Ortiz was asked who he’d fare better against between Cormier or Jon Jones. The former light heavyweight king believed he’d do better against Jones because of the physical matchup, adding that Cormier was a big guy. Jones, on the other hand, would be easier to overpower according to Ortiz, who also claimed he’d be able to beat “Bones” if they fought today.

“Yup, I think I could,” Ortiz said. “If I have a camp like I did the last one of 18 weeks, 100 percent. There really hasn’t been anybody to fight Jon Jones, to get in his face, and stay in his face.

Everybody else, they want to strike on the outside with him. He’s too damn long, you cannot do that. You got to get in the inside of him. That’s the way to fight him.

While it’s possible Cormier misunderstood the context of Ortiz’s first statement, the fact that Ortiz believes he could beat Jones while “DC” has failed twice was enough reason to get him to comment.

Did you react to Ortiz’s comments the same way as Cormier did?

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