Daniel Cormier Guarantees Khabib Makes Weight At UFC 229

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The mixed martial arts world is justifiably buzzing as UFC 229 approaches near. Fight fans are anticipating what could truly be the biggest fight they’ve ever witnessed when Khabib Nurmagomedov meets Conor McGregor. However, there’s the underlying doubt that Khabib makes weight casting a bit of a shadow over the anticipated event.

It’s understandable, as “The Eagle” caused all-out chaos when he was hospitalized prior to his scheduled UFC 209 showdown with Tony Ferguson. Add that to his many serious injuries, and uncertainty is brewing. McGregor’s team is concerned, yet Khabib recently updated his weight status as all good.

The undefeated UFC champion said he’s at 166 pounds earlier this week. It would seem Khabib will easily make the lightweight title fight limit of 155 pounds at UFC 229.

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kOf course, no one will feel at ease until he hits that number tomorrow.

Cormier’s Confidence

One big name who has no doubt he will is Khabib’s AKA teammate Daniel Cormier. ‘DC’ told TMZ Sports that “The Eagle” should have no problem making weight at UFC 229:

”Oh yeah, he’ll make weight. Yeah, he’s fine. He’s like 11 pounds over weight as of yesterday. He’s looking great. Khabib’s ready to go, weight’s good, his mental’s good, physical, he’s great.

“He has to be firing on all cylinders because it’s such a tough fight with McGregor, but he’s ready to go. He’s ready to go out there and really impose his fighting style on Conor and get his hand raised.”

Cormier stated the obvious gameplan that Khabib would look to take McGregor down and destroy him with ground and pound. He closed by focusing on Khabib’s shining undefeated record:

”He wants to smash it. If you look at history, most guys are pretty beat up when they fight Khabib. So ground and pound, his pressure, pace and pressure and ability to really dictate how a fight goes. That’s what you get with Khabib. I mean, 26-0. No one gets to 26-0. There are hiccups along the way. Khabib has none of that.”

A shining referral from one of MMA’s biggest names to be sure, yet there could be cause for concern here. Khabib said he weighed 166 pounds on Monday, and Cormier said he was at the same number on Wednesday. Whether or not that’s part of the gameplan will be clarified tomorrow morning.

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Are you convinced “DC’s” words will come true without any hiccups at weigh-ins?