Former long-time light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones has made headlines today (September 29, 2015), as he has finally gone before a judge regarding his felony hit-and-run arrest last April.

Fortunately for Jones, he has avoided jail time and has been handed 18 months of probation as well as community service requirements. Although he must be reinstated by the UFC first, “Bones” is ultimately now eligible to return to fighting.

Twitter blew up in light of the news, and Jones’ bitter rival, and current 205-pound champion Daniel Cormier also commented on the situation (Via MMAFighting).

Speaking on the punishment, “DC” claims that Jones did not come out unscathed, but that he will now have the opportunity to hopefully steer younger children in the right direction:

“When this incident happened, the thought wasn’t really that Jon was going to serve jail time,” Cormier said. “The hope was that there would be some sort of punishment for his actions, and that was the punishment levied by the judicial system. The system is in place for a reason, so we have to all agree that it’s fair. 

“Jon is not getting off scot-free. He will now be able to help young children and talk to them so that they don’t make mistakes like he has over the course of his life.

“Hopefully on the other side he becomes a better person and he gets back to doing what he does best, and that’s fighting.”

Jones, and Cormier battled it out for Jones’ then held belt at last January’s UFC 182, with “Bones” coming out on top. However, when the former champion ran into trouble with the law, he was stripped of his title and pulled from his scheduled fight with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 187.

Cormier stepped in to replace Jones, and submitted Johnson to become the undisputed champion. The former Olympian will now put his title on the line for the very first time against Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of this Saturday’s (October 3, 2015) UFC 192 from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Ever since Jones’ incident, Cormier has been calling the troubled ex-boss out, telling “Bones” to get his life together and get ready for a rematch. Cormier once again reiterated these wishes, saying that after Gustafsson he would like to fight Jones again:

“I would love to fight him,” he added. “I have to get by Alexander Gustafsson first, and then we’ll see what happens. But yeah, I would love for it to be Jon Jones next.””

Who would you pick in a rematch?