Dana White Calls Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis The Only Real Super Fight Left


Yesterday (August 20,2014), UFC president Dana White was in Hong Kong doing a Q & A session along side women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. White was answering many questions from many local fans and a question came up regarding one of the most talked about topic in MMA history. This topic was super fights.

Super fights have been talked about for years. A super fight is almost like a fantasy fight so to say, putting the best fighter in one division up against the best fighter in another for a show down for the ages.

The most talked about super fight in history was the hypothetical match-up between former UFC middleweight champ and pound-for-pound king Anderson “The Spider” Silva up against former long-time welterweight champ Georges “Rush” St. Pierre.

This talked-about fight had fans drooling any time it was hinted, but the hopeful fans were never granted there wish after Silva lost his belt and GSP retired. Another potential super fight that was talked about was “The Spider” against Jon “Bones” Jones, again the idea was scrapped when Silva lost his belt.

A fan asked White a question about “super fights” and according to MMAJunkie.com, the president responded with the following:

“You know, we’ve talked about super fights in the past, and they for one reason or another didn’t happen. And when we talk super fights, let’s talk about what ‘super fight’ means. If you have Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva – if you have Anderson Silva vs. the Jon Jones (types), the guys who have held the titles and almost cleaned out an entire division.

Any super fights that we’re looking at right now in my opinion would be like an Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo. Even though Pettis has been injured for a while and hasn’t defended the title, he beat Ben Henderson, who is a guy who had annihilated that whole division. He beat him, and he beat him easily, and Jose Aldo and Pettis have been talking about moving back and forth to take each other’s belts. So really, that’s the only one I can think of that would be a super fight.”

A scrap between featherweight champion Jose Aldo against lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis would definitely be a so-called super fight. This would be an extremely entertaining match-up as both fighters are deadly strikers with solid ground games. Putting these two men in the cage would cause fireworks.

 The fan then asked White another rather odd question. The fan wanted to know if White would ever consider a super fight between GSP and Jon Jones, but White wasn’t buying it:

“‘GSP’and Jon Jones? That’s a stretch there, my friend. There’s a bit of a weight difference between those guys. That’s not a super fight. That’s a stupid fight. OK? What did Georges St-Pierre do to you that you want to get him killed? He weighs 170 pounds. The other guy walks around at like 230.”

Although White shut down the fan’s idea, it is rather nice to know that super fights, which every fan dreams of are still on his mind. However, the super fights we’ve always wanted will most likely never happen. There are still possibilities for the future though. What super fights would you like to see the UFC brass make happen?

Photo: Benny Sieu for USA TODAY Sports