Dana White snaps on Nelk Boy Bob Menery; ‘Keep me out of your crybaby bullsh*t’

Dana White

UFC President Dana White found himself in the middle of a spat between Nelk Boys founder Kyle Forgeard and collaborator Bob Menery.

The Nelk Boys are a Canadian-American-based YouTube group that specializes in pulling pranks and vlogging. The group has partnered with the UFC and developed a close relationship with White as of late, but it appears that the UFC boss is now caught up in a financial dispute between Foregard and Menery.

Previously working together on the Full Send podcast, Menery claims that he was ousted from the show once it started to take off and become financially successful. Recently, Menery shared a montage of guests that have appeared on the podcast, as well as Forgeard himself, giving praise to Menery. Dana White was included in the montage, which did not sit well with the UFC boss. Taking to Instagram, White told Menery to keep him out of his “crybaby bullsh*t” while also revealing that he gave Menery $50.000.

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“@bobmenery Keep me out of your crybaby bullsh*t. You are an absolute puss and I told u that and u are delusional and blew the biggest opportunity of ur life now move on like a big boy. Yes u introduced me and @kyle then f*ckin cried about it forever so i gave u 50k. So u would STFU so now STFU. It’s embarrassing”

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In Menery’s video detailing his side of the situation, he claimed that he was promised multiple things that never occurred and also says that his name was dragged through the mud as rumors were spread that he was responsible for setting up Jorge Masvidal’s attack on Colby Covington outside of a Miami steakhouse in March.

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“It’s actually really comical that he could even try to spin this in any way, shape, or form. Guys, I will resort to this okay? When Kyle and I went into a partnership, we made a commitment and a promise to each other regardless of how successful the show is. If the show’s successful it’s going to make a lot of money. I had a portion of that money, but I was also promised multiple multiple multiple things that just never came to fruition. Was danced around for months and months and months. At the same time, used my name, dragged through the mud. Telling people I set up Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal and all this sh*t. It was a bald-faced lie.”

Dana White and His Controversial Relationship With The Nelk Boys

Dana White’s public relationship with the Nelk Boys has been a sore subject amongst fans and fighters since its inception. Things seemed to hit a breaking point when White gifted founder Kyle Forgeard $250,000 cash for his birthday. Many fans and fighters were quick to call out White, reminding him that a quarter of a million dollars is more money than many of them see in a year. With the never-ending debate over fighter pay, it was a particularly bad look for Dana White.

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As you may have guessed, Dana White simply did not care about the backlash. “All these people on the internet, go f*ck yourself,” White said in response to the criticism.