Dana White Open To Booking Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise: ‘We Can Talk’

Dana White open

If Justin Bieber is serious about fighting Tom Cruise, UFC President Dana White seems open to the idea of booking the fight.

White was recently a guest on LVSportsBiz’s Guerilla Cross Radio, and was asked about Bieber calling out the Hollywood star. The UFC boss admitted that he wasn’t sure if Bieber was serious. He hasn’t been contacted by the pop star, and isn’t even sure if Cruise is willing to fight at his age.

However, if both parties were interested, White simply said, “we can talk” (via MMA Mania):

”I didn’t know if it was real or not,” White said “I still don’t know if it’s real. Everybody is talking about it, but Justin hasn’t contacted me. Listen, first of all, maybe Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise for whatever reason. I highly doubt Tom Cruise wants to fight Justin Bieber.

“I’m 50, I think Tom Cruise is 56. I don’t think anyone who’s 56 is looking to fight anybody. But I’ll tell you this, if Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise, and Tom Cruise wants to fight Justin Bieber, we can talk.”

Last week Bieber randomly called out Cruise on Twitter, tagging Dana White in the Tweet asking him to book a fight between them in the Octagon. The callout, for whatever reason, actually got the fight world buzzing a bit. However, Bieber later clarified he was only kidding and admitted Cruise would probably mop the floor with him.

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Still, if both Bieber and Cruise decide to actually fight for the easy cash grab, it’s an interesting thought to consider that White is at least open to the idea.