ESPN’s “30 For 30” documentary series took it’s focus to the Octagon last month with their Chuck and Tito documentary. The film chronicles the importance of the friendship turned rivalry between Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz. A rivalry which helped catapult the UFC into the mainstream.

Highlighted in the documentary were the two UFC showdowns between the light heavyweight legends. Liddell defeated his former teammate Ortiz with back-to-back TKOs. However, the feud didn’t close without a controversial trilogy bout just last year, where Liddell controversially came out of retirement at age 48 and fought Ortiz for the third time. Ortiz won via KO in the first round. It was hinted at the end of the “30 For 30” that Liddell could potentially fight again.

Given Liddell’s age and ending to his UFC career, many were against the trilogy bout in the first place. One individual in particular against the fight and perhaps most notably was Dana White. White appeared on TMZ and voiced his opinion on the matter. (H/T

“Chuck Liddell is 50-years-old and should not be fighting. And he’s a grown man and can do whatever he wants to do, but let me tell you what. The commission who sanctions that fight… wow.” White continued.

“I love him, I respect him. The crazy thing is, all the reasons we love Chuck Liddell are the same reasons he wants to fight. To his core he’s a fighter, it’s what he loves to do, (but) that third fight should have never happened.”

Liddell is, and always will be, a legend of the sport, but the UFC president and friend in Dana White has no interest in seeing Liddell in another MMA contest again.

Do you think Liddell should hang his MMA gloves up for good?