Dan Hardy Explains Why Georges St-Pierre Is The MMA GOAT

Dan Hardy could be returning to the octagon

Dan Hardy believes Georges St-Pierre is the MMA GOAT.

St-Pierre is always considered one of the best of all-time. some have Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, or Demetrious Johnson ahead of him. Yet, for Hardy he says the fact he avenged all his losses and never tested positive for steroids are the reason why he is the best ever.

“He’s definitely on Mount Rushmore – he’s definitely one of the top four; I can’t see anybody else above him,” Hardy said on MMAJunkie Radio. “The thing that makes ‘GSP’ stand aside (from the rest) is the fact that not only was he an excellent martial artist in the octagon, but he lived the lifestyle out of the octagon. He was squeaky clean – there were no run-ins with the police, no failed drug tests, nothing like that. The losses that he had, he came back and won. I always think that proves an excellent martial artist, someone that found a limitation and then managed to push their way through it.

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“Obviously I’m biased, because I spent a bit of time getting to know him, himself, in his home gym and everything. He’s a fantastic martial artist, he operates on a very high level. It’s difficult to put anybody else above him.”

Dan Hardy does think it would be more clear-cut if St-Pierre and Anderson Silva fought all those years ago. It would’ve been massive and if GSP was the one to end the Brazilian’s reign it would’ve been huge for his legacy. Regardless, Hardy still believes the Canadian is the all-time GOAT.

“They’re the top ones for me,” he said. “But ‘GSP,’ as far as his track record and his character outside the UFC as well, and what he stands for as a martial artist, I think he has to be the GOAT for me.”

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Who do you think is the MMA GOAT?