Cris Cyborg is very close to signing with a new promotion just weeks after being released from the UFC.

Although things ended poorly for her, she says she has no regrets about her time in the UFC and how things were handled.

“Everything I did, I was always feeling in my heart. I don’t regret anything. ” Cyborg said on her YouTube channel (h/t MMA Fighting). “[The UFC] is in the past. It’s in the past since my last fight. I put it in the past in my heart, I believe I made a lot in the UFC, I believe I’m one of the girls who fought in the UFC who has more wins than losses.

I believe all places I’ve been had something special in it. With the UFC, I wanted to be fighting in the UFC. I went through all the hard time cutting weight to make my division and they made it. Amanda is the champion, there is a division. Every moment of my life I start a project and the UFC project was to have my division. I put an effort to get down to the division, I made it, and there is a division now.”

Meanwhile, now that she is a free agent, there is no doubt massive interest for Cris Cyborg. Promotions like Bellator and PFL has shown interest in her and the Brazilian now plans on signing soon.

“I believe I’ll sign my new contract in less than 30 days,” Cyborg said. “I’ll be online to tell everybody about my new place where Cyborg will be welcome. I have to thank Dana for sending me a letter two days after my win. It really helped me to negotiate.

“I’ll be back to Brazil soon, for sure. It’s part of my plan for the new contract I sign and I am very happy.”

Ultimately, Cyborg is just happy with the promotion she has picked. She will get to fight more and only strengthen her brand.

“When I ended my cycle with the UFC, I had two choices,” Cyborg said. “The option I chose, where I am now is the option where I see my future grow. I’ll be fighting more times a year, I won’t have any trouble, I’ll be happy. That’s what I see.”

What promotion do you think Cris Cyborg will sign with?