Corey Anderson Controls & Batters Jan Blachowicz On Way To Unanimous Decision

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Jan Blachowicz (18-5) was originally set to meet Anthony Johnson at UFC 191 in what would’ve easily been the biggest fight of his career. Of course those plans changed and Jimi Manuwa was booked to face “Rumble” instead. Luckily for the Polish light heavyweight, he stood on the main card and had a chance to make an impression against Corey Anderson (6-1).

“Beastin 25/8” had other plans.

Blachowicz landed a leg kick and checked one at the start of round one. Anderson swung left and right hands, but Blachowicz avoided the blows. “Beastin 25/8” popped his opponent with a jab and caught two body kicks. Anderson was able to get a clinch, but was reversed and taken down. Blachowicz landed an uppercut inside the clinch.

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Anderson grabbed a hold of his opponent’s leg and took him down with under two minutes left in the round. Blachowicz threatened with an armbar and was able to return to his feet. The round ended with Blachowicz taking deep breathes as his back was against the fence.

The second round was underway and Anderson had his high kick blocked. Anderson pressured the Polish bruiser and brought him to the ground. There, Anderson landed some stinging elbows. “Beastin 25/8” continued to rain down elbows until he got up and chopped at the legs of his opponent. Anderson got back in top control and started connecting with elbows to the body. Round two ended with Anderson throwing punches.

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The final round saw Anderson immediately complete a takedown. The worn down Blachowicz went for an armbar, but Anderson would have none of it. A lump formed above the left eye of Blachowicz. Anderson’s ground and pound wasn’t rapid, but it was effective and nasty. Anderson landed some more elbows to the head. “Beastin 25/8” got control of his opponent’s back, but lost the position and the fight returned to the feet. Anderson landed a right hand and took Blachowicz right back down and the horn sounded.

When the score totals were read, two judges had Anderson way ahead, while one judge actually gave a round to Blachowicz, but he didn’t get the 28 points on the “must system.”

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Final Result: Corey Anderson def. Jan Blachowicz via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 29-26)