Yesterday, heavyweight boxing star Tyson Fury made some incredibly complementary remarks about Conor McGregor.

Speaking up about MMA’s biggest star on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show,” Fury had high praise for ‘The Notorious.’ So much so, in fact, that “The Gypsy King” believes McGregor has transcended the sport of mixed martial arts (quotes via The MacLife):

“I think Conor has transcended the game of MMA. He’s set precedents, he’s set the game on fire. He’s definitely a game-changer in MMA.”

As for why he believes McGregor is bigger than MMA itself, Fury said his 2017 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather proved it:

“He’s crossed over, he’s fought Mayweather, he’s become a massive superstar and he should definitely be very proud of himself.”

McGregor caught wind of the praise and responded on Twitter today:

“The Gypsy King! You are a top man, Tyson! Thank you”

Fury has long been rumored for his awaited rematch with Deontay Wilder. However, with Wilder recently knocking out Dominic Breazeale last weekend, Fury will now face Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas on June 15.

As for McGregor, it’s unknown when he’ll return to MMA, or if he ever will. In truth, he’s been in the news much more often for outside-the-cage trouble than actual fights. No stranger to that himself, Fury closed by saying there was still time for McGregor to redeem himself:

“Everybody has troubles in life,” Fury added. “And it’s not what troubles we have but how we overcome them and learn from them.”