Conor McGregor earned a victory in the court case against Artem Lobov, which prompted a series of tweets aimed at his former training partner.

In November, it was announced that Artem Lobov would be filing a lawsuit against Conor McGregor for millions. Lobov claimed that he played a major part in the development of Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey brand, which Conor McGregor sold a majority stake in for $600 million. Of course, McGregor rejected this claim in a colorful manner and now, it seems as if McGregor has scored a small victory as Lobov’s attempt to move the suit into the Commercial Court was blocked.

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This promoted a series of tweets from the Irish superstar, many of which degraded his former training partner.

“I’ve decided to write a book. I’m calling it “Coat Tail Riding Rat C*nt Rest In Piss.” (H/T Brobible)

Conor McGregor continues his Twitter tirade against Artem Lobov

Not only did Conor McGregor take a dig at their friendship by calling Artem Lobov a ‘rat’, but he also claimed that Lobov will be paying for his lawyer fees. 

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“I’m not paying these lawyers nothing. Little rartem is. The business genius with his college degree. F**kin jackass.”

Of course, in typical McGregor fashion, both of these tweets were deleted shortly after he posted them. There was also a voice memo that McGregor put out, which further taunted Lobov.

“Artem is a Jonny Head, nah nah, nah nah. Nah nah, nah nah. Hey! Jonny Head,” McGregor posted. “Artem you little [Jonny Head], unlucky the other day in court, proper twelve day, but what did you expect? I want them court fees the judge awarded me also. Need them pal. F****** idiot.”

However, this isn’t the end of the dispute. The suit is still ongoing, but one thing seems certain, the two close friends are unlikely to bury the hatch and come together again like they used to during Conor McGregor’s run for the UFC Featherweight and Lightweight titles. 

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