Yesterday (April 20, 2016) was somewhat of a whirlwind in the world of mixed martial arts. Unless you live under a massive boulder, you witnessed firsthand the firestorm that was the back and forth between UFC President Dana White, Conor McGregor and the media.

Today, Conor McGregor hit send on his Twitter account and all hell is breaking loose again. But first, let’s quickly recap yesterday’s series of events to help provide some context for his latest “statement”.

First, Conor McGregor sent out the above Tweet Tuesday afternoon, claiming that he is retiring young and that he’s grateful for the “cheese” he’s made thus far. This sent the MMA world into a frenzy, and everyone from Ariel Helwani to basement bloggers everywhere began speculating wildly at what meaning this cryptic message could possibly carry.

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Next, Dana White broke the news that “Notorious” was out of UFC 200, insisting that the move was not made because of a dispute over money, but rather because McGregor refused to fulfill his media and promotional obligations for the landmark event. Over the next few hours, the media had a field day speculating over McGregor’s claimed retirement, his removal from UFC 200 and who, if anyone, would replace McGregor to face Nate Diaz in the main event.

Then, Dana White appeared on ESPN and UFC Tonight to explain the situation, and made it clear that if McGregor contacted him and made things right, he could still salvage his place in what is setting up to be the biggest event in UFC history.

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At that time, “Notorious” wouldn’t budge and the next day (today, April 21, 2016), White confirmed that McGregor’s window was closed, and he was officially off of the card. This statement from White is the catalyst that sparked McGregor’s reactionary tweet, seen below:

At first glance, this may seem like a bit of a “spoiled brat” move on Conor’s part just to get more attention, and that’s because…it is. He didn’t get what he wanted after refusing to play by the boss’s rules, so he sent out a tweet that essentially says “fine, whatever, if I can’t get what I want, I don’t need you anymore.”

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For someone who says that business is good and that he’s toasting whiskey with the Fertittas and Dana White on their private jet contemplating how to take over the world, this seems to reek of trouble in paradise. But that’s what happens when you give your child everything he wants, filling him with the illusion that he can get away with anything without consequences. The UFC made this monster, and now it appears he’s turning on his makers.