The UFC Fight Night 76 card in Dublin this weekend (Saturday October 25, 2015) has been significantly weakened. As if it weren’t bad enough that Stipe Miocic and Ben Rothwell were scrapped from the event, we learned yesterday that Joe Duffy and Dustin Poirier were also off the Irish card. Expect the refunds to come pouring out of UFC Dublin.

Interim featherweight champion and former ‘Diamond’ opponent Conor McGregor immediately offered to step in for the injured Duffy, claiming he’d give the ‘Peanut’ Poirier another crack. There wasn’t much response from either the UFC or Dustin, so McGregor went on the offensive again, mocking ‘Irish Joe’ and Poirier:

Why ‘brown panty night?’ you ask, well it turns out that Poirier refused a follow up fight, claiming he didn’t want to fight a replacement, in Norman Parke, that he hadn’t trained for. Check it out:

So was ‘Diamond’ within his rights to turn down a decent offer like Norman Parke? Well of course he is, but the fans who paid to see him fight Duffy may disagree. Now the four biggest names from the card are gone, and what’s left is a fight that could easily bolster the preliminary card, acting as a main event.

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The most cursed card of 2015? Yup, UFC Dublin takes it.

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