Conor McGregor: Chad Mendes Will ‘Cower Like A Little Girl’

Conor Mcgregor

As the buzz and media attention reaches a fever pitch for this Saturday’s (July 11, 2015) UFC 189 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the blockbuster card’s main featured fighters took part in a pre-fight press conference earlier today.

And not surprisingly, most of it centered on the awaited interim featherweight grudge match between Chad ‘Money’ Mendes and brash Irish challenger Conor McGregor. The two exchanged an endless stream of back-and-forth barbs, with Mendes getting the trash talk started by calling the ‘Notorious’ striker a one-dimensional fighter:

“He’s a one-dimensional fighter,” Mendes said. “He’s a stand-up fighter. Bottom line. He doesn’t have anything else. I’m more well rounded. I have power. I can put people to sleep on their feet, I can take you down and beat a hole in your face and I can submit you. What else can he do?”

Obviously McGregor disagreed with that statement, noting that even in the grappling department, Mendes would be dominated due to his ‘white belt’ status:

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“He’ll do absolutely none of those things,” McGregor said. “Not one little bit of a thing. He’s a rookie. He’s a novice in my eyes. He’s a white belt on the mat. In the grappling exchanges, he will know as well and then panic will set in and then he will cower like a little girl and begin his little run. But I will catch him.”

McGregor continued on about Mendes’ supposed lack of skills in the octagon, stating that the Team Alpha Male standout simply closes his eyes and wings his overhand right in a wild attempt to finish a fight:

“He throws an overhand right, looks at the floor, closes his eyes and hopes for the best. This is Day One, beginner stuff where I come from.”

‘Notorious’ also kept up his stark criticism of Mendes and champion Jose Aldo’s strangely manufactured friendship to unite against him. The Irish upstart believes that the show of mutual respect was actually the actions of a man who knew he would be destroyed:

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“That was a pussy move. Little coward. Trying to be friendly. Trying to be little friends with him. ‘Oh please, can I have your fans?’ A bitch move. When a man is close to death, that’s what he looks to do, buddy up.”

Not usually known for his trash talking, Mendes couldn’t stand it any longer and called the massive McGregor, who has been rumored to have been forced to cut 27 pounds in the days leading up to the fight, for being skinny and scrawny while draining his body:

“He looks scrawny. He’s cutting too much weight. He’s skinny. I’m gonna destroy this dude.”

The gloves are off heading into the biggest bout of 2015. Soon, the words will matter little when the cage door is closed and each fighter’s skills is forced to do their talking. Will it be Mendes or McGregor who emerges with the interim strap?