Colby Covington Won’t stop, Compares Leon Edwards’ Murdered Father to Hiter: ‘He’s that same level of bad guy’

Colby Covington

Colby Covington just doesn’t know when to stop.

On Saturday (December 16), ‘Chaos’ made his long-awaited return to the Octagon for his third shot at welterweight gold, challenging reigning and defending world champion Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards in the UFC 296 headliner. Hours before fight night, Covington drew the ire of fans and fighters alike when he made a vile comment about Edwards’ deceased father.

Despite everyone from Jon Jones, Sean Strickland, and even UFC CEO Dana White condemning Covington’s horrendous gibe, ‘Chaos’ doubled down on his statement in subsequent interviews.

Even after being sufficiently dominated by Leon Edwards at the promotion’s final pay-per-view of the year, Covington is continuing to slam Edwards’ father. Appearing on Patric Bet-David’s podcast, the perennial welterweight contender showed no remorse for his initial comments at the pre-fight press event and proceeded to compare Edwards’ father to none other than Adolf Hitler.

“Why would I feel bad about anything I say about someone who is such a criminal and put so much pain in people’s lives? I’m not gonna feel bad for someone like that,” Covington said. “Just like Hitler. He was a terrible person. I’m not comparing him to Hitler, but he’s that same level of bad guy” (h/t MMA Junkie).

You have to appreciate the level of obtuseness that Covington displays here, immediately disputing the notion that he’s comparing Edwards’ father to Hitler before quickly jumping back into making the comparison.

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Edwards’ father was murdered in London when he the champ was 13 years old. Edwards has said in past interviews that his father was involved in some sketchy activities in Jamaica, as well as in the UK upon moving to the country.

Colby Covington Makes Excuses for lackluster UFC 296 performance

Unsurprisingly, Colby Covington has been a sea of excuses following his decisive decision loss to ‘Rocky’ at UFC 296. During his appearance on that very same podcast, he claimed to have broken his foot in the first 30 seconds of the bout.

He also took a page out of the book of his lord and savior, Donald Trump, claiming that the bout was stolen from him due to his pro-MAGA stance.

“I do believe that you know,” said Covington, suggesting his support for Trump may have cost him the fight. “I think they stack the deck against us because they don’t want we the people to have control of this country again.

“That’s what Trump stands for. He stands for democracy, he stands for freedom. So, they’re going to do everything they can to keep us down, you know. From shadow banning us online, even if we’re saying the truth, you know. They’re going to make us censored, they’re not going to let other people see that, you know.

“If it’s in a judging position in a fight or any type of athletic sporting event, they’re going to stack the deck against us. It’s a sad time in our country but we the people, we need to rise up. We can’t let this keep us down.”

It’s clear that even in the face of a humiliating defeat, Colby Covington simply doesn’t know when to turn off the other-the-top character he has created.

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