Colby Covington claims Donald Trump allegiance cost him UFC 296 title win: ‘They’re stacking the deck against us’

Colby Covington blames allegiance to Donald Trump for UFC 296 loss they're stacking the deck against us

Colby Covington claims that his support for former United Saed President Donald Trump impacted the judges decision in his fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296. 

After some personal trash talk at the expense of Edwards, Colby Covington would deliver a flat performance in what was his third attempt at an undisputed title. Rather than taking the loss on the chin and showing even an ounce of humility, Covington instead opted to do what he normally does and blame everyone but himself

Colby Covington using Donald Trump as the latest excuse

Appearing on the conservative Fox News, Covington discussed his loss and claimed the he was at a disadvantage heading into the bout because he was a staunch supporter of Trump. 

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“I think they stacked the deck against us because they don’t want we the people to have control over this country again,” “That’s what Trump stands for, he stands for democracy, he stands for freedom. They’re going to do everything they can to keep us down from shadow banning us online even if we’re saying the truth.

“They’re going to make us censored,” he continued. “They’re not gong to let the people see that. In any type of athletic or sporting event, they’re going to stack the deck against us.

Who does Covington mean by ‘they’? Is he insinuating that the democratic elites teamed up with the Nevada State athletic Commission to thwart his title chances? 

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Covington was an elite fighter at one point but considering his talent, his career has been underwhelming. Covington has been plagued with inactivity and when he did fight, it was largely overshadowed by his attempts to take on a professional wrestling type persona. 

Now 35, the best of Covington is behind him and with ‘claims’ like this despite MMA having a very large conversative following, is just a little sad. 

What do you think of Colby Covington’s recent comments?