Coach: GSP Was Vomiting Prior To Nick Diaz Fight

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Well, the narrative surrounding UFC 158’s (March 16, 2013) main event title fight between then welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz continues to become more and more strange. In a recent interview after his 18-month suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) was lifted, Diaz claimed that he was drugged prior to the fight with St. Pierre, an outlandish claim that his boxing coach, Richard Perez, also spoke on earlier today (August 8, 2016).

As if that wasn’t odd enough, St. Pierre’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach, John Danaher, recently said that the Canadian star was vomiting all night ahead of the fight due to faulty watermelon juice:

“Georges drank some watermelon juice for rehydration that had been too long out of the fridge and got a badly upset stomach,” Danaher wrote on Instagram. “He spent the entire night vomiting. It was so sad to see such a perfect camp get ruined at the last minute by such a minor oversight. The night of the fight, Mr St-Pierre came in underweight and drained. We had to curtail the warm up for fear of exhausting him before the bout even began.”

Danaher said that although “Rush’s” camp was ‘flawless’, there’s always unforeseen events that could potentially take place. In the end, however, St. Pierre scored a dominant decision victory over Diaz, a performance that Danaher felt showed off the Canadian’s true championship worth given the circumstances:

“Mr St-Pierre showed why he was a great champion that night, putting on a dominant shut-out performance to win a unanimous decision – no one in the audience would have guessed how serious a problem he had to overcome,” Danaher wrote. “He used a system of pacing the rounds and timing the takedowns and allowing standing escapes to maintain the pace of the fight whilst controlling the action but at the same time, not exhausting himself. It worked brilliantly and the problem was overcome.”

What do you make of these somewhat puzzling claims coming from both camps? Also, with Diaz’s suspension up and St. Pierre recently saying that he was ready to return after vacating his title years back, would you like to see the two run it back a second time?