CM Punk is a former WWE star and had a brief stint in MMA. He had no amateur experience and was signed right to the UFC for his pro debut. Although he lost both fights and has not fought since June of 2018, many wonder if he is done.

Punk’s teammates recently came out and said he is still training and the door could possibly be open. Now, the former WWE star was interviewed and said he believes if he wants a third fight in the Octagon he thinks he could get it.

“I don’t know. That’s another thing about me: I’ll never say never,” Punk said on Collider Live (h/t MMA News). “I doubt I’ll fight in the UFC again. I’ve had these conversations with Dana. But he says stuff to the media, but then he’ll say something different to you in person. But I’m still great friends with him, great situation.

“I think if I went to him, I was like, ‘Hey, can I get a third fight?,” I think he would say yeah. But I haven’t done that.”

Of course, CM Punk lost to Mickey Gall in his first fight. There, he was dominated and submitted in the first round at UFC 203. Then, months later at UFC 225 he returned and was dominated for three rounds by Mike Jackson. It was a fight Punk could win, but did not look good at all.

Now, he is wondering if he should go fight elsewhere. He realizes he has a unique career where he did not have amateur experience and instead started in the UFC.

“A big part of me was like, ‘OK, I’m 0-2.’ Like, if I fight, I should fight somewhere else: do everything backwards: start in the UFC, and then work your way back down, and then end in amateur.”

Whether or not he will fight again is to be seen. But, CM Punk believes he could very well make the walk to the Octagon again if he so wants to.

Do you think we will see CM Punk fight in the UFC again?