Chris Weidman favored to beat Lyoto Machida

Middleweight champion Chris Weidman is the odds on favorite to beat Lyoto Machida at UFC 173 in Las Vegas.

Picked by Nick Kalikas as having a slightly better chance at victory, the MMA odds-maker gives Weidman the nod for the win at the promotion’s May 24th ‘Sin City’ card.

Kalikas placed Weidman at -150 (bet $150 to win $100) and Machida at +110 (bet $100 to win $110). As such, Kalikas marks Weidman as the favorite and Machida as the underdog.

Regarding the line and even though he’s still favored to retain his belt, it should be noted that Weidman’s odds of doing so have dropped. As against (scratched / removed) former opponent Vitor Belfort, Weidman was a two-to-one favorite. However and now that’s he’s facing Machida, and his more elusive style, his odds of victory have diminished.The logic behind that drop is apt to be the view that Belfort’s more aggressive style was more suited to Weidman’s wrestling heavy talents.

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Regarding the logic it’s probably true. Machida is much more the matador in a fight and Belfort more the bull. As such, Belfort was apt to be easier prey for Weidman.

However, Machida is a different breed of fighter. The ‘Dragon’ is not the type of opponent that stands in front of an advisory and waits to either be hit or taken down. Machida will play a cool game of cat-and-mouse with the champ and is likely to prove a hard target for Weidman to get hold of.   

That said, Weidman and his Longo-Serra fight team are master game planners and Weidman himself, a master of executing the game plan given him.

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Regardless of which fighter takes the win, the bout should be entertaining and one that’s not likely to have a quick finish. Accordingly, fans shouldn’t be shocked if this match goes the full five and requires an adjudicated decision.  

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