Cain Velasquez Tears House Down At AAA Pro Wrestling Show In NYC (Highlights)

Cain Velasquez
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Cain Velasquez isn’t done competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), and he’s just getting started on a professional wrestling career.

Velasquez has embraced the Lucha Libre culture over the past several months, making his professional wrestling debut with the AAA promotion. He participated in last night’s (Sun. September 15, 2019) AAA and IMPACT Wrestling’s “Invading NY” event in a Six-Man Tag Team match. There, Velasquez continued to impress with his skills inside the squared circle.

Check out some of his highlights below.

In regards to his fighting career, Velasquez hasn’t competed since suffering a first-round knockout loss to Francis Ngannou in Arizona earlier this year. While there was a lot of controversy as to whether or not Velasquez was actually knocked out, given he suffered a knee injury in the fight, he later admitted he was out on his feet after a Ngannou uppercut connected.

Now, Velasquez plans on juggling an MMA and pro wrestling career. He even teased he could join the ranks of top promotions such as WWE and AEW:

“I’d like to wrestle for other places as well,” Velasquez said. “We’ve been in talks with WWE. I’ve talked to Cody [Rhodes] and AEW a little bit. I want to talk to them a little more. I think AEW is doing some good things.

“I’ve talked to him [Cody] a little bit, I want to talk to him a little more. I think they are doing great things, I think AEW is doing some really cool things.”

What do you think about Velasquez’s pursuit of a professional wrestling career and his performance in New York?