Cain Velasquez case delayed due to new evidence orders: ‘The DA is serving two masters here and can’t be trusted’

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez has spent eight months in jail and his trial continues to be pushed back. Facing the former UFC heavyweight champion is an attempted murder charge. According to the US-born athlete, Harry Goularte attempted to molest Velasquez’s young relative, Valasquez then pursued him in a vehicle and fired a gun at the man.

In Santa Clara County Hall of Justice in San Jose, California, on Thursday, Judge Jessica Delgado heard a request for the district attorney to discover more regarding Harry Goularte’s felony case. Judge Delgado denied and accepted different parts of this request. Goularte is currently in court facing potential charges of molestation. Both Cain Velasquez and Harry Goularte have pled not guilty to their respective cases.

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District attorney is accused of “Serving two masters” in Cain Velasquez’s case

The controversy arose as both cases are working against one another. The district attorney’s office, due to the two active cases, would be working against both Valesquez and Goularte. Evidence has been allowed in one case while being disallowed in the other. Velasquez’s lead defense attorney, Mark Geragos said:

It’s obvious to me that the DA is serving two masters here and can’t be trusted to prosecute fairly.”

The attorney argues that the district attorney must turn over all evidence given in Goularte’s case, and must also be given to Cain Velasquez’s case. The district attorney said that they would turn over relevant details only. Judge Delgado ordered some to be shared while others have been denied.

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Goularte has not been called as a witness in Velasquez’s felony case and therefore the judge ruled that additional discovery would not be required. Goularte’s stepfather was allegedly struck by a bullet in the arm, if this person acted as a witness then new evidence could be given.

Cain Velasquez will next be back in court on October 17, however, MMA Junkie writes, this date is likely to be pushed back again. Goularte has been booked in court for November 14 as he is in a civil lawsuit filed by Velasquez.

Some evidence has been shared between two active cases while others have been denied. Velasquez will be spending more time behind bars while the judge, district attorney, and legal parties sort out what’s what.