Cain Velasquez’s attorney claims ‘surprises’ are in store ahead of September 26. pre-trial hearing

Cain Velasquez

Mark Geragos, the defending attorney of former undisputed UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, has claimed that numerous “surprises” will be in store ahead of the Salinas native’s September 26. Pre-trial hearing, after Velasquez was charged with attempted murder following an alleged February shooting.

Velasquez, a former undisputed heavyweight champion under the Dana White-led, UFC banner, was arrested back in February of this year, where he was charged with attempted murder as well as a slew of other felony offenses, after he is alleged to have shot as a vehicle containing Harry Goulatre, who had been accused of molesting a close relative of Velasquez on multiple occasions.

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Denied bail throughout his time since his February arrest, Cain Velasquez’s attorney, the aforenoted, Geragos recently discussed his client’s case, claiming surprises are in store ahead of the former’s September pre-trial hearing.

“They do not plan on calling the accused molester in this case even though the accused molester, Mr. Goularte, is the only person who is the complaining witness in the attempted murder count,” Geragos explained during an interview with Court TV. “And they’ve now said on the record that they’re not going to call him as a witness. So, you’ve got to wonder… look, we’re already in upside-down world. Now, we’ve gone through the looking glass.” 

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“I look forward to seeing how they plan on proving the case when one of the witnesses they’re not going to call,” Geragos continued. “The other two have invoked the fifth amendment. I’d like to know if they’re going to weigh that and get on the stand and subject themselves to cross-examination.”

“Our investigation has already revealed that it’s apparent that the mother and the stepfather were intimately involved in everything that was going on at the daycare center and we’ve got a lot of questions for them,” Geragos said. “Stay tuned. We’ll see you next month and we think that there’s going to be some surprises.” (Transcribed by MMA Mania)

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Cain Velasquez’s character was defended by UFC leader, Dana White in a lengthy letter

Following his continuation of bail denial, Cain Velasquez’s character was supported by the aforenoted UFC leader, White, who wrote a lengthy letter describing the promotion’s former undisputed heavyweight champion as a “model example of a professional athlete”.