EXCLUSIVE | Bryce Mitchell Open To Tours & Rap Battles After Dropping His Mixtape

Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Mitchell talked about his potential rap career in an interview with LowKick MMA.

“Thug nasty” dropped his rap single ‘Darkansas’ to praise from the entire MMA community.

The UFC featherweight quickly followed that up by releasing a seven-song mixtape titled ‘Pasture Fire

Mostly all the feedback to his rap music has been positive and Mitchell acknowledged that in the interview.

“I’ve seen a ton of positive stuff, I mean just, people really really like it and that’s good. I’ll just keep putting stuff out there and maybe it will just get more popular over time. The feedback’s been really good for the most part, but there’s always people that don’t like it, but my music ain’t for them.”

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The song and album were impressive and it is obvious that Mitchell has some skill when it comes to rapping. He could quite possibly be the best MMA rapper in the game.

Bryce Mitchell Is Open To Touring Around The World

“Sh*t I’d do that. Whenever Weibel sets that up for me. I can’t do all that. Yeah, he gotta do all that. They are trying to get me on Spotify and I’ve got a hit single I could drop right now brother. It’s money and it’s called ‘Love Gone’, but it’s a remix of a song that’s already out there. The guy that sings it is a guy called Young Jairo. It’s a great song. I messaged him and asked if I could use a remix of his song.”

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Mitchell stated that Lil Wayne was his biggest influence since he listened to him the most growing up. He also credited 50 Cent and Eminem as well while revealing he is open to the idea of doing a rap battle.

“I get paid to fight people, you think I’m scared to do a rap battle for some money? People try to kill me with their bare hands, they pay me some money you can say whatever you want and I’ll spit some fire back at you.”

The MMA streets may just need a Tyron Woodley vs ‘Thug Nasty’ rap battle in the future.

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Do you look forward to more Bryce Mitchell music in the future?