Brendan Schaub hits out at ‘frat bro bully’ Dana White following UFC 279, accuses him of steroid use

brendan Schaub

Former UFC heavyweight contender, Brendan Schaub has unleashed a scathing response to comments from promotional president, Dana White following UFC 279 last weekend, accusing the long-time promotional leader of steroid use, as well as calling him a “bully”.

Following last weekend’s UFC 279 pay-per-view event, Brendan Schaub is alleged to have questioned the legitimacy of original headliner, Khamzat Chimaev’s weight miss for his welterweight fight with Nate Diaz, speculating how the promotion may have had a hand in the late notice switch, resulting in Diaz fighting former interim lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson.

Responding to Schaub’s comments, having originally mistaken comments he believed came from former UFC champion, Pat Miletich, White then claimed that comments allegedly made by Schaub “made sense” given the former contender’s past claims and speculations

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Brendan Schaub accuses Dana White of steroid use in Instagram tirade

Issuing a response of his own to White, Schaub, who left the promotion following a 2014 knockout loss to Travis Browne, claimed that the aforenoted White was a “bully”, as well as poking fun at his prior career as a cardio kickboxing coach.

“Oh god… here we go again,” Brendan Schaub posted on Instagram. “I’ve been nothing but cool and through you’d (Dana White) learn from the last time you mentioned my name and got destroyed. Unfortunately, not surprised you’re a bully. Always have been. You put on a pair of designer jeans and some “hip sneakers” and think you’re cool. You’re still a dork with a frat bro vocabulary. Calling me and numerous people “dummy” “dumbass” “f*cking idiot” cause we have questions about “the chaos” at UFC 279?”

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“Also, no one is talking about “gate tickets”, I was referring to “pay-per-view buys” and UFC 279 was “trending”… which you don’t release to the public, but will say, “it went f*ckin’ great bros!”” Brendan Schaub continued. “Sorry, we just don’t buy what you’re telling us after lying numerous times but the sheep media you pick to attend events don’t have the balls to call you out. Just in the recent press conference you were caught lying about extra compensation to the fighters. You need a reality check. You’re surrounded by “Yes men.” You’re not special, you’re not original Yoy’re a low-budget Vince McMahon. Every move you make is a copycat of that dude. Only thing is you have in common is you’re both on steroids and dress like assholes.”

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“Need i remind you, your origin story is a failed cardio kickboxing instructor who had two rich friends in high school to fund this business,” Brendan Schaub wrote. “Now go make a “cool” video with the Nelk boys to stay relevant or have your PR team come up with a good press story to distract the fans away from fighter pay and how they have to wear those awful Under Armour Rock shoes and won’t see a dime. “Dummy”. P.S. Quit stealing my shows on thicccboy network and recreating it on Fight Pass, K? Also.. leave Pat Miletich alone.”